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Hideboots Momentum low

Hideboots Momentum low

« My love, darkness is not the enemy
We just have to lean how to navigate between both sides of the scale
To meet our middle, to find the neutrality
And walk to discover the secret of the stillness »

  • These pair of low "hideboots" are made in a red effects faux-leather composed with silver eyelets in the back with leather laces for full adjustability. 

    These hideboots are unique pieces and are worn with the "Momentum" corset for a full powerful look. 

    -Fits on tigh high boots and all boots/shoes which are worn close to the leg, with a minimum of 6 centimeters heels to keep the curve in the front.

    -Stops at half of the tibia.

    -Handmade in Paris, FRANCE.

    -Item sold as seen.

    -Boots not included

    -Limited quantity

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