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You have the POWER to change your life

You have the POWER to make your dreams reality

You have the POWER to drop those old glasses through which you observed your life during so many years, and change the direction of your thoughts to create so much joy and abundance and sexiness and thrilling and loving life that is THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFE.

You can do it, and you are the only one who can do it, but only if you DESIRE IT.

A lot of people say that "of course" they want it, but when they think about this, they think about the lack of it. They imagine it in their heads, but really soon their realities catch them up and they start to feel bad and frustrated and not enough as it's not their reality in the present moment when they open their eyes.

But there is one simple rule, and it's really funny to observe it

What you think is what you attract.

But more of that, I will say:

What you FEEL, is what you attract.

It's time now to take your power back. To take the decision to feel differently.

To push yourself into this loving and magical place and to create another available reality for you.

And everything starts by the beginning:


it's time to breathe

to stop a little bit what you are doing, and starting to practice the observation of your thoughts, to take a step back

self love is not judging youself

self love is accepting all faces of who you are with compassion

You are a diamond.

If you love yourself so much to understand that this is the time for you to SHINE,

you will start to unlock your power

that is already inside

waiting for you

to wake up.



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