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Hideboots Healed high *Unique Piece*

Hideboots Healed high *Unique Piece*

"Everything in life is cyclical.

Nothing is forever permanent.

Like the snake getting a new skin, we are changing every moment.

We leave behind us, the ghosts of the past, to glimpse a more peaceful and awakened path.

So no, not everything is always smooth, but that's also what makes Life beautiful."

  • These pair of "hideboots" are made in a beige burnt faux-leather composed with silver eyelets in the back with laces for full adjustability. 

    These hideboots are unique pieces.

    -Fits on tigh high boots and all boots/shoes which are worn close to the leg, with a minimum of 6 centimeters heels to keep the curve in the front.

    -Stops at half of the thigh.

    -Handmade in Paris, FRANCE.

    -Item sold as seen.

    -Boots not included

850,00 €Prix
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