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Bustier Quantum Leap *Unique Piece*

Bustier Quantum Leap *Unique Piece*

"There will be times in your life when you will feel that things are changing, moving, evolving. Sometimes it will scare you, because  we are used to staying in our comfort zone... but after a while, you will feel something different, an alignment, a deep inner strengh which bring so much power, that you will be excited to change  because you know that it is synonymous with "Evolution"... only to embody, again and again, the true goddess that lives in you."

  • This bustier is made in a beige with brown effets snake faux-leather composed with silver eyelets in the back with laces for full adjustability. 

    Fits approximately from XS to M. 

    This bustier is a unique piece and is worn with the "Quantum Leap" hideboots for a full powerful look. 

    -Handmade in Paris, FRANCE.

    -Item sold as seen.

1 200,00 €Prix
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